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As the winter temperatures are rolling in, keeping your house warm in winter can cause a huge increase in your energy bills.

In fact, warming your house can account for nearly 30 percent of your bill.

Here are our top tips for keeping your home warm in winter without the huge bill at the end.

Use the correct heating for your home

Make sure your heating unit that you are using suits the space in your home. If you are only trying to heat a smaller area then you can probably get away with only a small heater. The larger the area, the more efficient your reverse-cycle air conditioner should be.

Reduce drafts in your home

Drafts and air leaks in a house can increase the amount of air your air conditioning unit will need to heat. Draughts are usually really easy to fix and can save you a lot of money in heating costs.

Be sure to check over your house at the beginning of winter to find any draughts. Gaps are common between floorboards, around plumbing pipes, windows and doors. If you do have a wall mounted air conditioning unit ensure there is no leaks there.

Temperature of your heating

In winter, your heating should be set at around 17-19 degrees. For every degree you go above this amount will add more to your energy costs. Keep doors to rooms you don’t use (or don’t want to heat) so that you aren’t wasting the heat in those rooms.

Make use of your heater settings

Utilise your timer to help with efficient running off your heater. Turn the heater off when you leave the house and have it set to come on just before you expect to get home.

If you can get a unit that allows you to zone your heating.  This way you can control what parts of the house gets heated and at what temperature.


Also remember that to keep your heating running efficiently you need to keep up to date with your air-conditioning maintenance. If you aren’t sure what maintenance you need to do speak to your local air-conditioning repair company or call Streamline Air today.