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Commercial Refrigeration Design and Installation

Refrigeration has come a long way since the days of packing ice boxes around perishable goods. Modern high-tech refrigeration, cool room, and freezer installations are a critical component of today’s fast-paced competitive commercial world. Highly precise control and stabilisation of storage temperatures is vital for many food and health related industries.

Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration supply and install the latest most advanced refrigeration and cool room equipment designed to give you complete peace of mind around all your food storage requirements.

We are industry leaders in advanced refrigeration design technologies with a wide range of commercial applications including:

  • Commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Floor plan design, engineering and installation in supermarkets and other large industrial settings
  • Computerised refrigeration control systems
  • Contracting, engineering, design, service and support for our clients in the retail and commercial food industry

Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is committed to designing commercial refrigeration/freezer installations with three things in mind:

  1. Providing effective, stable, and long-lasting climate control for your products
  2. Designing power efficient systems that save you money
  3. Taking care of the environment

We work closely with our clients to design refrigeration and cool room facilities to their requirements. We install all the major trusted brands using componentry that meets the highest efficiency and environmental standards. We can also provide options such as Glycol chillers for additional cost savings and power efficiency and add-on design features such as strip curtains.

Making Your Business a Really Cool Business

We help businesses of all sizes build their potential at every stage of their business journey and specialised designs can be designed and built to suit any setting.

From cafes to large food processing facilities, restaurants, hotels, and clubs, the expert technicians at streamline refrigeration engineers are up to date with the latest in refrigeration technologies and energy efficient refrigeration systems.

Talk to the friendly experts at Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and find out how we can optimise your business with a cool room installation custom built to your requirements.

We also supply the latest in commercial refrigeration equipment including blast chillers, ice cream machines, display fridges, ice machines, upright refrigeration cabinets and much more.

We have been working with refrigeration for 35 years and so we know the brands that give trouble free operation. We can recommend the best brands for your needs.

Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the friendly staff at Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration before you purchase your next commercial refrigerator, cooler or freezer.

Who Needs Our Services?

We can provide real peace of mind support for a wide range of industries and commercial operations including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Hotels
  • Butchers
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies
  • Dairy industry
  • Liquor outlets
  • Ice-cream vendors​

We work with you to not only provide exceptional 24/7 emergency repair services but will set up an outstanding maintenance programme that will ensure the smooth running long life efficiency of your equipment.

If your business relies on:

  • Blast chillers
  • Walk-in cool rooms
  • Ice cream machines
  • Display fridges
  • Ice machines
  • Upright refrigeration cabinets
  • Gelato equipment
  • Slushy beverage machines
  • Cake displays​

Then you need the Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration team.