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Common Refrigeration / Freezer Issues

As with any extremely complex technical equipment problems can be extremely difficult to diagnose and repair. Some of the common issues that our commercial refrigeration mechanics deal with include:

  • Control panel issues—causes may include fuse or wiring issues, defective compressor, relay or safety switches and may produce false readings, false alarms, and interfere with correct cooler operation
  • Incorrect discharge pressure
  • Suction pressure problems
  • Incorrect temperatures—too hot and too cold — both situations can cause serious problems​

When keeping your product cool is time critical it pays to have experts on the job who can quickly track down the source of the problem and repair it straightaway. We deal quietly and efficiently with all compressor, condenser, motor, and evaporator repairs, and regassing as well.

Our team of highly qualified engineers with more than 35 years of experience will not only find the problem but have the spare parts on hand to repair your refrigeration/cooler plants and running again with the minimum of fuss.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Regular and effective maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment is critical for four extremely important reasons:

  1. Maintaining food and produce at the correct temperature for health and safety
  2. Keeping your equipment running as efficiently as possible to save you money on power costs
  3. Preventing expensive breakdowns that can interrupt your business operations
  4. Extending the effective life of your expensive equipment

Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration will maintain your refrigeration systems so they function correctly to store your food and produce at the appropriate designated temperatures to comply with the Food Safety Act.

Failure to maintain correct food storage can lead to dangerous food safety scares, hefty fines, and do irreparable damage your business.

What Does Good Maintenance Look Like?

Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration provide services for all types of refrigeration equipment and ensure that everything is running perfectly for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

We will check the following and make adjustments where required (plus any additional areas that need attention):

  • Refrigerant pressures
  • Oil levels and pressures
  • Bearings, seals and lubrications
  • Fans, motors and windings
  • Cooling and heating coils​

Sign up to a regular maintenance service from Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration—it’s a decision that will really help your business to keep on being a really cool business.

We will pre book any regular services and contact you when each is due. Regular maintenance will reduce costly and damaging breakdowns to your equipment and ensure your systems run efficiently, saving you time and money.

Contact Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today.

Australian Refrigeration Council Approved

All Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineers are qualified and registered with a current valid ARCtick license.

By law any technician working on air conditioners, fridges or freezers in NSW must hold a valid ARCtick license. This is a licensing scheme that is designed to ensure your valuable equipment is in the hands of an expert who knows what they are doing and who follows all health and safety protocols.

The ARCtick license is administered by the Australian Refrigeration Council and is your assurance of safety and of quality workmanship.

Look for the Tick when your air conditioner, fridge or freezer is being installed or repaired.

When you have a Streamline Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer on-site you know you’re getting the ARC tick of approval.