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Maintenance and service of your air conditioners are important to ensure they run efficiently (and keep your energy bill down).

It is really important to ensure that you do regular maintenance on your air conditioner so that they continue to run as they should.

In fact the cost of an annual tune-up can save you a lot of money in your monthly electricity bill, and should keep your repair costs down too.

Ideally you should do the following each year:

Clean the air filters

Wall or window mounted units

  • Remove the front cover on your unit
  • Remove the cloth or mesh filter and clean with either a brush, vacuum, or by hand washing
  • Ensure the filter is dry before putting back into the unit.

Ducted air conditioning units: 

  • You will need to check and clean the air intake vent. This is located either in your ceiling or wall.
  • Remove the vent cover and remove the filter
  • Use a brush, vacuum or hand wash the filter
  • Be sure to let the filter dry
  • Then put the filter back in

Clean the Unit

  • Check the unit for dust and dirt. Ensure to check anywhere that is accessible.
  • Wipe over with a brush (or cloth) but be careful not to break of bend anything in the unit.
  • Check all ducted-air ducts and ensure they are still working and nothing is broken.
  • For the outside condenser part of the  air conditioning ensure that it is clean and that there is nothing on or around the unit. The grill is the most important part to clean.

Remember to do these at least every six months and even better is you combine it with yearly air conditioner maintenance with a professional.

For all larger unit you are better to get in a licensed air conditioning tradesman.

For more information on how to care for your air conditioning unit or to book in a repair contact Streamline Air.